Friday, May 8, 2009

Inbox Dollars Really Pisses Me Off! and other bargains

So I requested a check from Inbox Dollars awhile back- it was almost 2 months from when I requested it till when they told me I'd receive it- so it said May.

I haven't gotten any paid emails from Inbox Dollars in about a week- so I was like hrm, what's going on here? I go and log in to my account and it says "your account is inactive, please click here to send a conformation email" I'm thinking great- so lemme guess what's going to happen now- either my money that I earned is going to be all missing or they haven't sent a check.

Well, luckily for me, it's the latter. So guess what, NOW I have to wait until July. Totally fucked up. After I receive my check, I'm cancelling my account, but I'm sure they are going to do something again come July. I'm filing a complaint with survey police to get this resolved. I'm also going to email Inbox Dollars and WTF at them big time.

In other news, "product trials" have been abundant for me this month! I have 3 of them going on! One is super secret and I can't tell you about it- but the other 2 I can. One is for a new kind of "nighttime" toothpaste and another is for granola bars. The toothpaste is good stuff, but it doesn't do what it claims- your supposed to use it at night so you don't wake up with furry teeth/dragon breath in the morning. My teeth aren't furry but my breath isn't minty either. Plus my husband thinks the "stripper glitter" in it is weird (it has mini breath strips in it).

Bargain Shopping has been abundant for me this month- Tulle had a ridiculous sale this week- many items under $7 , I scored 6 really nice pieces for under $30 . Their shipping was a bit high at $13.00. I also scored a really nice 19" wide screen LCD monitor for $70 from Staples, plus I got a casio label maker for free. also had a nice deal- I spent $40 , got free shipping PLUS a ton of freebies- 9 of them total -

I should be getting some survey payments in for this month- So far I've gotten paid $9 in surveys via paypal and a $5 Amazon. Not bad for the first week.


  1. Hi did you see the note I left in Google Reader? If they are a scam site report them to

  2. yes, I did! thank you. I reported them to survey police as well.