Monday, April 27, 2009

I heart Pinecone Research- and other updates!

I am so thrilled I googled that Pinecone Research site and found a banner- I've already gotten paid $6 (and they are FAST to pay my first check came within 3 days of taking the survey!) and I am currently in the middle of product trial for them as well. I can't tell you what the product is, it's top secret! I know several seasoned surveyers are annoyed that Pinecone lowered their payouts, but heck $3 is better than $0 if you ask me.

I started getting "back into" CashCrate this month, so far I've earned $32.47 this month, hopefully I'll add a few more bucks to that before payout(last day of the month). I've started qualifying for their surveys again and doing a few of the offers. I'm doing pretty good with referrals also, I just wish some of them would do enough to make payout ($20) so they could see it's not a scam! CashCrate is definitely one of the easiest paid sites I've ever used- frustrating at times, but an easy few bucks.

I haven't really joined any new sites- just playing with the whole bunch I have. I'm still waiting for payment from Inbox Dollars , they said to expect payment around May ( I requested payment in April) so I'm not doing anything big on that site until I actually receive payment. Never mind that I'm still bent on the "check fee".

Surveyhead I'm doing fairly well on, I've accumulated $17 already since last cash out.

Greenfield, Opinion Outpost and SurveySpot have been kinda stale for me on the paid surveys. I seem to disqualify a lot on the paid ones or get a lot of non-paying ones. I'll do a few non-paying ones here and there but I don't waste too much of my time on it.

I cashed out for a $10 gift card from Lightspeed. Ipsos Isay sent me $25, I don't really remember what the survey was for- but uh ok! I also got a few other gift cards from various places, I now have $50 in my Amazon "bank" . Christmas here I come.

A lot of these sites have slowed down with the paying surveys, I'm guessing the recession has hit them as well.

And the recession fashionista strikes again- I got a super cute spring jacket from Old Navy for $3.40, originally $34.99. I also got another cute corduroy jacket at Tulle for $12 (with shipping). I believe tomorrow is "Tullesday" at Tulle- hopefully they have some more super cute deals.

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