Friday, May 29, 2009

the cold hard cash.

So May is almost over, and while paying surveys haven't been abundant, I've been doing pretty well. I've pretty much finished up my product trials. I'm currently doing a daily journal on cold/allergy meds.

I signed up with a few new sites.

My Opinion Now - not too bad. I don't qualify for their surveys very often. They pay in "points" , so far I have 750 with the rewards starting at 2000, the site says you can redeem for rewards or cash. I don't know if the points translate to exact dollar amount (i.e. 1oo pts = $1), but for 2000 points you get 20 iTunes songs.

Lightspeed Consumer Panel is quickly becoming one of my favorite sites. Not only have I already received a product trial for a new Dove shampoo/conditioner, their surveys are abundant and the points add up fairly quickly. I've already cashed out for a $10 Amazon, and just today cashed out for a $25.00 Amazon.

There are several other sites that I'm on the verge of cashing out with and it seems just when you get right there, you stop getting stuff. SurveyHead for example- I'm like $1.00 away from cash out and I can't seem to qualify for anything to save my life. Oh well- I'm sure something will come through soon.

Ok- the earnings for May:
$15.00 from Pinecone Research (god I LOVE them!)
$33.77 from CashCrate (see my proof below that they REALLY PAY!)
$3 from UCLA
$15 Amazon from Avon Communispace
$25 Amazon from Lightspeed
$1.00 from another survey company (forget who they are)
$13.30 from Opinion Outpost
$14.50 from Greenfield Online

May's Total: $120.37

I haven't really shopped at all this month, except for the Tulle's Day sale in early May. I ended up returning several of the items due to fit. Nice thing was that they have free return shipping.

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