Friday, March 20, 2009

Some New Stuff- Sites, Payments, and Nirvana. A little bargain shopping too.

I've gotten a bunch of new GPT sites from various people. Some really suck, some kinda suck and I found a few new survey sites that are pretty cool.

The Bad:
Harvesting Emails- this site was sent to me by a fellow GPT fan, and let me tell ya- it's a totally sucky site. I'm not even going to include the link because it's such a wreck. The site is poorly constructed. Basically you sign up and they email you a bunch of poorly constructed unknown "search" sites. The "note" on the top of the search site claims you'll be paid 0.25 cents for viewing this site for 30 seconds. I thought, OK .25 cents isn't too bad, seeing as how the first day the sent me about 20 sites, that's $5.50 just for viewing a (crappy site) for 30 seconds. Well........... I go and check my account later in the day and notice that my account claims I have 0.50 in my account. uh? what? So I email the "contact us" link and 2 weeks later still don't have an answer. The person who referred me to the site said, "Yeah, I asked them about that too and never got an answer." Gee, thanks for the time waster. Another craptastic thing about this site, there's only about 200 "search" sites they have available for you to view- and somehow they send the same ones over and over and you get a message "You've already been credited for this site." Plus I'm not sure I really understand it. There's credits you can earn and other stuff, it's not a very clear site. Needless to say, I deleted my account, they can keep their .50 cents, maybe they can use it to make a better site.

The Not So Bad (yet) - my verdict is still out on this one. I received an invite to join from the same person as harvesting emails- Freeride is okish. You earn "tokens" for shopping and filling out offers. It takes a lot of tokens to cash in. I'd rather do surveys.

Your 2 cents- I haven't actually done any surveys for them yet so I can't tell you how they are. I did fill out a bunch of profile stuff which earned me "$7 in bonus cash" when I take and qualify for my first survey, whatever that means.

The Pretty Cool:

SayNation: this is a straight up survey site. I'm really digging it. You earn points which you can later redeem for cash (paypal transfer) or gift cards to many retailers including Amazon and Walmart. Even if you get disqualified on a survey, they give you 25 points just for attempting it. Most surveys are about 1200 points each, minimum cash out is approximately 22,000 points. I just joined earlier in the week and I've already accumulated 3500 points. Very well made site, easy to follow. They will email you surveys but you can check their site and you'll find a bunch in your list. There's also a teen survey site connected with them. I'll have to have my nephew check it out and let me know what he thinks.

And the Cashola:

Well, it's been a slow month for me. I haven't done very much on CashCrate , just a few dollars. I have $13.35 currently earned. Their surveys haven't been good for me lately, so I've only been doing a few offers here and there. I've been playing more with the new sites.

I finally cashed out on Inbox Dollars for $27.01 (they charge a $3 check processing fee which is bull, they don't have an alternative payment method- so it's not like oh you want a manual check vs x , you have to pay. Really ticks me off.)

I also cashed out at SurveyHead for $28.00 in paypal. It took about 2 weeks for it to show up, but it did. I haven't qualified for a survey from them in awhile as they are mostly using OTX surveys which I've come to despise (as many survey junkies have). I see OTX and I usually just close it and move on.

I also cashed out and received a $7.20 check from Opinion Outpost. I haven't been qualifying for their surveys lately either- another site that's fallen victim to mostly OTX surveys. gah.

I did receive $48.50 from Greenfield Online - the check came surprisingly quick. I may have mentioned that before though. I have an additional $7 in earnings on that site.

I got $10 in Amazon gift certs plus a free eyeshadow compact to review from an Avon "communispace" site I'm a member of. Free makeup, love it! I also got $10 in Amazon from Harvard Psych for study I completed on shopping.

A bunch of survey sites are doing the Amazon certs, they are really cool- you enter it into your Amazon account and can save them up. I'm going to save a bunch up for next year's Christmas shopping.

I FINALLY figure out what happened with ACOP. Apparently email addresses are a real problem for them. I joined with my work email and actually got a $4 survey invite the other day, which I qualified for an completed. woo hooo!

I hit nirvana- I found a banner for Pinecone Research. I received my final questionnaire today and I'm waiting for my welcome email. I'm so excited, I don't know why. I hope it's not disappointing. They are supposedly the most sought after survey site on the Internet. I feel special.

And in total Recession-Chic fashion, I scored myself a kickin' pair of Old Navy Sweetheart Trouser Jeans, originally $32.50 for $6.99. They were on sale for $29.99 , I had $20 off plus 30% off. I'm a Silver card holder so I get free shipping on all my orders. Score!

In the mail free:
Rachel Ray's Nutrish dog food sample (nothing "nutrish" about it- it's junk)- I'd never feed this to my dogs, but my chickens loved it. A free sample of Nature Made vitamin C capsules, just in time for cold season! And, a Selsun Blue dry scalp shampoo sample.

My $5.99 coat from Tulle came today- It's not cheap looking and actually is quite well-made. It is wrinkly and does need a quick pressing. I wouldn't pay retail of $160, or even 1/2 that, but for $5.99 a total steal. The red color is very pretty too.

Well, that's it kiddies till next time.

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