Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Pay Day! Again!

I got my check from CashCrate $34.16 this month! Nice!

I'm like thisclose to cashing out at Inbox Dollars , I'm at $29.31 , cash out is $30.00

I also cashed out my Greenfield online at $48.50 and SurveyHead at $28.00

Not a bad month. I've had better ones!

I've slowed down on surveys for now, I think I need a break. I've been doing pretty well but I'm getting burnt out a bit! Plus I don' t know if anyone else has noticed, but paid surveys have been getting scarce.

I've been hanging out on www.slickdeals.net checking out their forums and "online shopping" for freebies- I've gotten some pretty cool stuff in the mail already- a full sized Dove Cream Oil Lotion, several nail polishes, some great coupons and food items- I'm a shop-a-holic and I have to satiate my shopping habit somehow in this recession! I've now declared myself a FREEBIE shop-a-holic!

Someone actually posted an outrageous deal today on slickdeals, and being the shopper I am, I had to buy- $5.99 for a Wool Pea Coat from a company called Tulle. Yep, $5.99 you read that right. I ordered one in red, shipping was $4.95 so even with that it was an outrageous deal. Let's see if it actually comes and if it's not a huge piece of junk. Retail on that coat was $120.00 .

I'm such a Recession Fashionista.

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