Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Makin' Money in February

Ok - I've signed up for several new sites. Some I like, others I don't. But before I get into all that, let's post my current earnings- some are "to date" since I haven't cashed them out yet:

  • CashCrate : $98.77 (paid to me since Nov)
  • CashCrate: $5.90 ( so far in Feb.)
  • Survey Spot : $10.00 (check in hand)
  • Ipsos I-Say $25.00 (check in hand)
  • Op. Outpost $11.20 (to date since Nov)
  • Greenfield $48.50 (to date since Nov)
  • SurveyHead $17.50 (to date since Nov)
  • Opinon Place $1.00 (via paypal)
  • Global Test 130 points (not sure what they translate to)
  • Inbox Dollars $23.96 (to date since Jan)
  • hotspex 320 "bux" these convert to prizes- kinda cool.
  • snapdollars $5.06 (we will discuss this site shortly)
  • Heartburn Study $200.00 (yep you read that right)

Total earned since November: $446.89

Not too bad for sitting in front of a screen minutes a day huh? Cashcrate is still by far the best site I use to earn money on- it's reliable, consistant, has great customer support, their forums are full of great advice and most of all they pay. It takes a bit of patience to figure out the site- if you need help figuring things out let me know.

For those of you curious about the heartburn study- I sort of ran into that by accident- I was browsing the slickdeals.net forums and reading the survey posts for new sites I could try out, and came upon a "heads up" for this. I'm still doing the study- the doctor who is running it is very cool. Basically I take some drugs in exchange for $200 and record my heartburn episodes (buuurrrrrpppppppp). So far so good, I haven't grown any extra limbs or anything. It's not really a "drug" they are testing fiber supplements to see if they help reduce heartburn. I don't know if I have the fiber or the placebo, either way my heartburn isn't cured.

Ok, lets move on here- These new sites I joined-

Hotspex - I joined this site last week. I have 320 points so far. Upside: really progressive type of site, flashy surveys, fun stuff. Downside: they "pay" in points. You can "cash in" the points for drawings, donations and "trade them" for stuff on points.com (airline miles, gift cards etc). I haven't gotten any survey invites in my email yet, but they have "quickies" on their sites for 1-5 points. I think I'll definitly be sticking around this site as it seems fun.

SnapDollars - I had high hopes for this site, but honestly it sucks. It's a lame imitation of CashCrate and Inbox Dollars squished together. They "claim" their email reads pay "up to" $.20 cents each- so far the 6 I've read pay $.01 cents each and I know there are more than 6 that I've read- they are VERY slow on the crediting. They also have "offers" like CashCrate - but I'm hesitant to do them because I don't want to waste my time if I'm not going to get paid.

ACOP - my friend had me join ACOP. I'd love to give you my opinion on this site, but I haven't gotten any surveys yet and the site doesn't even recognize my email when I try to sign in. I emailed them and mentioned this and have yet to hear back from them.

Well, that's it for now. I'm dying to get into Pinecone research- I've heard they pay well but I've yet to come across a banner or invite for it yet.

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