Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Surveys, Shopping Rebates and Other Stuff In My Head

I tried a new site this week called Opinon Outpost it's actually one of the better survey sites I've found out there- I've already earned 72 points, which translates to $7.20. They don't have many surveys going on right now, but out of 8 surveys I qualified for 6, that's a way better rate than some of the other sites . The payout threshold is low also, you can cash out at 50 points ($5.00). All of their surveys are paid surveys- none of that "enter our sweepstakes" crap like other sites.

I think it's one of the more decent survey sites out there right now. It's a very easy to use interface. You do get "bonuses" for referring friends, but it doesn't have any handy-dandy links that you can post on a blog or a message board to get credits for it- boo! hiss!

I've earned $13.56 so far on CashCrate this month. I've been so busy playing with other survey sites I haven't really been spending as much time on CashCrate as I did last month. It really is my favorite get-paid-to site. It's super reliable as far as payouts go.

Im still playing around with Inbox Dollars so far I've earned $12.94 on there- they send an average of 4 paid emails per day. My shopping at Old Navy hasn't approved yet, but a few of the "free offers" finally did. I've done 22 "email reads" for a whopping .44 cents- but like I said before- if Im going to get junk email, might as well get paid for it right?

I think Ill go back to using my shopping "rebates" at IGive.com to support a friend's awesome Rottweiler Rescue group. While my retirement accounts are definitly anemic and could use beefing up, I know that this Rescue can use the few dollars it gets from my shopping way more than I can- and they will put it to good use.

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