Thursday, January 8, 2009

Survey Sites- The Experiment

So out of complete boredom yesterday afternoon I decided to check out some survey sites and see what they were paying vs CashCrate.

I signed up for several sites ranging from stuff like inbox dollars to survey spot. Some offered $5 incentives to join, which I gladly took (hey, if you saw $5 laying on the ground, you'd pick it up right?) others would "contact me" when a survey/study became available.

So throughout the evening and into this morning, my email was filled with several survey offers, so I bit. After doing about 30 surveys between 4 different sites over the course of several hours I made exactly $2. Talk about not getting rich anytime soon! Most of the surveys offered me entries into sweepstakes, which Im sure only Bob from Chicago wins.

This morning on CashCrate, in less than 15 minutes I made $1.50, within the past 3 days I've made $5.76 and thats with spending minutes a day. CashCrate is so much easier and so much more reliable than these survey sites that you spend hours and hours on to make $1 if you even qualify. CashCrate doesn't have "qualifiers" for their offers, you just simply visit websites and fill out the forms.

CashCrate does have surveys- which pay .80 cents for each completed one- guaranteed. You can take these surveys every 24 hours, and keep trying to qualify (I believe you can keep trying to qualify for up to a 1/2 hour) if you do CashCrate's surveys..thats $24 a month JUST for doing one of their daily surveys.

So, I urge you to check out CashCrate, sign up, poke around, check it out.

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