Saturday, January 10, 2009

Another Decent Offer Site

I signed up Thursday for a site called Inbox Dollars . They start you off with a $5 sign on bonus, then when you complete a few profile surveys another $1. It's actually kind of cool- they send you an email, you have to click on it and you get a few cents just for reading it. Since Thursday I've gotten 11 emails, and clicking those emails has made me .22 cents. Ok so it won't make me rich, but if I'm going to get junk mail I might as well get paid for it.

You can also earn money by taking surveys and completing offers much like CashCrate . I've found CashCrate more reliable on actually giving you the credit for the offers. I did several of the free offers at Inbox Dollars and still have yet to get credited on them.

Inbox Dollars does have some legitimate deals, however- if you sign up for York Photo you get 30 4x6 photo prints free- and $4.00 credited to your Inbox Dollars account. Snapfish has a similiar deal, you get 50 free prints and $4.00 credited to your account. I signed up for the York Photo one, all I had to pay was 0.99 cents shipping, and my Inbox Dollars account was credited the $4.00 almost immediately.

There's also cash back on shopping as well- 1.4% back from Old Navy and Gap, 3% from Petsmart, and much more. I'm going to try out the cash back from Old Navy pretty soon as I have a gift card burning a hole in my purse.

I think Inbox Dollars is worth a shot- it's free money and in this day and age who can use a few extra bucks in their pockets?

I've been taking the money I make off of these websites and putting it in savings. My IRA was completely obliterated by the markets taking a hit. Lucky for me Im still young enough that retirement is far enough way I can rebuild- and I am using these survey and offer sites just for that- every cent I earn is a step towards a better retirement for myself. What will you do with your earnings?

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